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Own an entire hive or a share in a hive without having to manage the bees or harvest the honey.

We manage the bees, making sure they are protected from predators and disease. They will be placed in a specific location that will provide an ample supply of food, water and flowers for fresh nectar and pollen. Once the honey is extracted and cold filtered, it is delivered to your doorstep in a food-safe pail.

Replacing all your white sugar with honey when baking, using honey in marinades and home made salad dressings will help provide better nutrition for your family.

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Enjoy the flavour and health benefits of pure cold-filtered honey

from your own bee hive!

“Hiveshare Dog Paw Wax

Excellent product! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has had issues while walking their dog during the cold winter months due to treated roads/sidewalks, ice buildup between pads, and/or any other condition due to the extremes in weather.

As an experienced dog walker for over the past 18 years, I’ve recently had the opportunity to try the paw wax on many of my client’s dogs. Not only did the wax protect the paws from the elements, it comes in a biodegradable tube making for easy application (which is a bonus!). The dogs I believe actually enjoy the application because it makes their paws feel good. It can be used as a conditioning agent too. Even better, no worries about ingestion as this product is completely natural & not harmful to your dog it they lick at their paws.

Try it out for yourself & you’ll be pleased with the results!”

Mary Rynard

Digger Doggers Dog Walk & Pet Sitting Service