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Paw Wax

Just in time for our cold & snowy winter, Hiveshare introduces Paw Wax! Apply to your pet’s paws before leaving the house and they will enjoy a stress free walk with a natural barrier to the ice & snow. No more expensive booties! Also good for their elbows, nose & ears. Protects against hot sidewalks in summer too.

Hand made in small batches and tested on humans first! All natural ingredients: Beeswax from Hiveshare hives, avocado oil, coconut oil, calendula butter, propolis from Hiveshare hives, fragrance oils.

Paw Wax is all natural, moisturizing, heals cracked pads, anti fungal and antiseptic!

Hive Products

140 g / 5 oz Tub

Reusable Metal Tin with See Through Lid

50 g / 1.75 oz Tube

100% Recycled Paper Biodegradable Tube

Infused Honey

Garlic : Infused with local Rose de Lautrec garlic for a gentle sweet garlic flavour that is truly            unique. Great on burgers, pizza or for soothing coughs.

Chipotle : Wonderfully smoky and complex flavours in this special blend, a favourite on chicken                wings.

Turmeric : The health benefits of this spice are well documented, we’ve infused the best spice we                 can find with our wildflower honey to offer you a tasty way to get healthier.

Smoke : Delicate honey infused with smoke, our customers tell us it’s great on salmon, we love it              in chili.

Habanero : Local habanero peppers were harvested for their kick in this crowd favourite.

Ancho Chili : Smokey and sweet with a great hot finish. Pairs well on charcuterie boards or as a                    condiment on a sandwich.    

80 g Glass Jars

Ask for these items by name at your local retailer or contact me for pricing.

Solid Lotion Bars

Hiveshare Solid Lotion bars are ready for Valentine’s Day! Let the warmth of your hands soften the bars, rub lotion to sooth and protect anywhere on your body. Made with Hiveshare beeswax and propolis!

All natural ingredients are Hiveshare beeswax, coconut oil, shea butter, wheat germ oil, Hiveshare propolis and essential oil.

All bars are hand made in small batches, 30g each